Customized training programs for farm managers, bankers and agri industries on futures, options and grain marketing.

Learn at home, at your own speed, on your own timetable. This computer-based training module teaches basic terminology and mechanics of futures, options and applications in the real world with cash grain contracts. Users learn through graphic-rich screens, minimal text, audio clips, interactive examples, workshops and quizzes.     

Introduction to Commodity Hedging Using Futures and Options
In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, downstream flexibility can be achieved in part by predicting and managing upstream risk. For any company whose production or inputs involve commodities, better price risk management can involve improving their use of options, futures and exchange rates.This 4 day course explores the basic principles of managing price risks in the Agri-Food Sector. It begins with the purpose, history, and development of trading. It explains the “A to Z” terminology and mechanics of trading. Provides a thorough study of hedging, basis, options and technical analysis with various commodity examples. The course ends with the development of a marketing plan.    


Designing Hedging Strategies Using Technical Analysis, Futures and Options
This is an advanced, two-day workshop that reviews the basic concepts of futures, options, technical analysis and fundamental situations for agricultural commodities. It also introduces a set of advanced technical tools that measure volatility and oscillation and demonstrates their application in price risk management.     

Marketing Management Makes Money
A 40 hour, comprehensive course designed for grain producers that covers futures, options, cash contracts, cost of production and development of a marketing plan focusing on risk management. More than 1,500 farm managers have taken this course since 1989.     

Cattle Feeders Marketing Management
Focuses on futures, options and cash contracts as tools in developing a grain procurement and risk management strategy.